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Our logistics services from China

Sea freight

Sea freight is all about shipping containers and how they help you transport your goods via the ocean. The term ‘sea freight’ is often used for shipping heavy cargo. it helps in transporting loaded containers with all safety measures in place.

Air freight

Air Partner Offers Specialised International Air Cargo Charter Solutions with 24/7 Support。Access to a Variety of Cargo Aircraft for all Cargo Charter Requirements. Request a Quote. Aircraft of All Sizes。Immediate Availablity。Air Freight Solutions.


Road freight is essential considering the fact that we must use it to pick up/deliver to the departure/arrival. 20, 40 feet container or oversized items, feel free to contact our experts.


Rail freight

Our Rail Freight products offer secure, reliable and environmentally friendly freight transportation via rail, either throughout Europe or connecting Europe and Asia, West- and Eastbound, LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) or FCL (Full-Container-Load).


Have a large amount of goods but no warehouse to place them in? Need short-term storage? Moving house and need temporary space for your furniture and home furnishings? Use our public warehouse services which provides a one-stop transport and warehousing service, fees are calculated by actual storage area, with flexible lease periods and are really affordable.


Cargo insurance is the most common method used to protect the value of your goods from physical damage, theft, or general average. At Easy Shipping, safety is a priority ! We cover all our shipment through our dedicated insurance package.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is a necessary procedure before goods can be imported or exported internationally. If a shipment is cleared, then the shipper will provide documentation confirming customs duties that are paid and the shipment can be processed.You need to release something from the customs ? Our dedicated custom department is here to serve & advise you.

Packing service

Choosing packaging is an opportunity to do three things: protect your products, showcase your brand, and save money.Our packers respect international safety standards to make your shipments safer. Packaging is one of the key of a successful transport and makes products more competitive.

Express shipping

Express shipping is a special service offered by several carrier companies to shorten the delivery time of an order, thus expedite the shipping process. The express shipping is usually carried out by air, in case of international transport.

Door to door

Fast, easy, and affordable door-to-door shipping services with pick up, delivery, land transportation, customs, paperwork, and 24/7 tracking included.We provide door-to-door shipping to and from any country in which we’re physically present. With door-to-door shipping, you skip the intermediaries and experience a more streamlined ocean freight solution.

Import & Export License

You need an FDA approbation ? CO、FORM A、FORM E、FORM F? A specific export licenses ? Our dedicated department is here to help and follow every step of the process.This section provides a quick glance of the policy on import and export of goods. It also introduces the licensing and registration schemes for certain goods together with further information on related measures.

Sourcing products

Are you looking for a reliable supplier in China ? We have a lot of factory to introduce you so feel free to read our sourcing guide. Product sourcing is the process of buying product inventory from a supplier and then reselling them. Common product sourcing methods include finding a manufacturer for custom products, purchasing third-party goods from a wholesale supplier, and partnering with a dropshipper.